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Board of Directors Election Information-November 14th!

There will be 2 open positions on the Board of Directors for 2019-2020. The elections will be held during the annual meeting scheduled for November 14, 2018, at 7 PM. Your elected neighborhood committee members will be casting their vote based on what they hear from you! To find out who your neighborhood committee members are and to contact them with who you would like to have them vote for please go to The people [...]

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Interested in running for the Board of Directors or joining a Committee?

There are two positions available on the Hedingham Board. The term for a Board member is 2 years. Ed Behan and Jennifer Moore are running again. > Board members attend a monthly meeting the 3rd Wednesday every month except December. Board members use email thru the month to discuss Hedingham business. The Board also meets at various times of the year to discuss contracts, our budget an, any special situations. These meetings are called Executive Sessions. [...]

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Edited: Don’t forget to trade your scan card in for a key fob!

KEY FOB FAQ I just moved into the community, how do I get a key fob to use the recreational facilities?   Answer: Come to the Hedingham Athletic Club and request a fob at the front desk.  Children under age 12 cannot receive cards because they are not old enough to be at the facilities by themselves and must be accompanied by an adult.  Any resident requesting a fob needs to bring along proof of [...]

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