Edited: Don’t forget to trade your scan card in for a key fob!

Edited: Don’t forget to trade your scan card in for a key fob!


I just moved into the community, how do I get a key fob to use the recreational facilities?


Answer: Come to the Hedingham Athletic Club and request a fob at the front desk.  Children under age 12 cannot receive cards because they are not old enough to be at the facilities by themselves and must be accompanied by an adult.  Any resident requesting a fob needs to bring along proof of residence:


If you are a renter, bring a copy (we can make a copy for you at the athletic club if you need) of your lease agreement.  Adults and children over 12 years of age who would like a card must be listed on the lease.


If you are a resident and an adult or child over 12, choose from one of the following options to provide proof of residency:


  1. A copy of your driver’s license (must have Hedingham address on it)
  2. A copy of the deed showing your name on it and the Hedingham address
  3. A current piece of mail with your name and Hedingham address on it
  4. A copy of your most recent report card showing your name and Hedingham address
  5. A signed document from the owner (including a copy of their driver’s license) confirming your residency


If you have any questions about what you can use, please ask a staff member.


  1. How many people can be listed on the account?


Answer: Two adults (18 and older) members can be on the account and any children (17 and younger) that are full or part-time residents.  More than two adult members are only allowed in the event that they are a registered college student of an adult member and can show written proof of current student status.  A school ID card may not be used as proof of current enrollment.


Update 5/16/18:

*First 2 fobs for adults and kids 12 -17 will have full use of all amenities. Each additional fob for anyone 18+ will only be allowed the use of the pools and gym.

*The current rules for the golf club will remain the same as written in the Hedingham covenants: Article XVI, Section 1, Golf Club

*First 2 fobs for adults and the fobs for kids 12 to 17 are free each additional fob will be $10.00.

*ALL fobs will expire one year from the date you applied for the fob.


  1. How do I get a key fob if I lost my old one?


Answer: If you are already in our system and just lost your fob, come to the Hedingham Athletic Club and request a new one at the front desk.  Replacement fobs are $10 each.


  1. My key fob is old and doesn’t work in the card reader anymore. What do I do?


Answer: Come to the Hedingham Athletic Club and request a new fob at the front desk.  Bring your old fob in so we can determine that it does not work consistently. We will replace it for free.


  1. We have a nanny/caregiver that takes care of our kids and we want them to use the pool while watching our kids. Can they get a key fob?


Answer: For a fee of $50 a homeowner can buy a seasonal fob for a designated caregiver for use of the pool only.  See the community manager for details.


  1. Can my children use the workout equipment at the athletic club if they have a key fob?


Answer: Only children aged 16 and older with a key fob may enter the workout room.


  1. What facilities does my key fob give me access to?


Answer: Limited free access to the golf course (call the golf course for more information 919-250-3030), access to both swimming pools (Willow Oak Rd. and Grand Traverse Dr.) and the Hedingham Athletic Club.


  1. What are the costs for guests?


Answer: The cost for guests is $2 at the pools and $5 at the athletic club.  Contact the golf course directly for current guest rates for rounds of golf.  Guests must be accompanied by a resident with a key fob.