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Board of Directors

The Hedingham Community Association Board of Directors is comprised of 5 resident volunteers and one representative of Fred Smith Company and the golf course.

The primary purpose of the Board is to represent the collective interests of Hedingham homeowners. The powers and duties of the Board include:

  • Operation, care, upkeep and maintenance of the common areas
  • Compliance with governing documents and laws
  • Management the financial revenues and expenses of the association
  • Oversee collection of HOA dues and assessments
  • Formulate, amend and enforce rules and regulations in accordance with governing documents and laws
  • Oversee repairs, additions, and improvements to the community
  • Oversee any committees, officers, or employees of the association as authorized by the governing documents

The 2018 Hedingham Community Association Board of Directors consists of the following officers:
President, Jennifer Moore
Vice-President, Christina Serafino
Treasurer, Ed Behan
Secretary, Loryn Jones
Member at Large, Reid Smith

Neighborhood Committees & Voting Members

Residents may also serve as a member of the committee that represents their neighborhood within Hedingham. Neighborhood Committee members are voted into office by the Homeowners in each of the 12 Districts (neighborhoods) within Hedingham Community Association. The Senior Representative on each Neighborhood Committee serves as that District’s Voting Member.

The primary purpose for Neighborhood Committees and Voting Members is to ensure that each district is fairly represented when community decisions need to be made that require a vote. This structure helps to ensure that your section of Hedingham has a voice in the overall decision making for the entire community.

If you are interested in serving on your district’s Neighborhood Committee, please contact .

To find your district, you can download the District Directory