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Hedingham is a wonderful private swimming, tennis & golf community located on nearly 600 acres just 5 miles from downtown Raleigh and a short distance to both I-440 and I-540.

Hedingham is comprised of almost 2,445 homes, 2 swimming pools, tennis courts, 2 playgrounds and an athletic club and is built around the Fred Smith Hedingham Golf Club. The community also boasts 3 entrances to the Neuse River section of the Raleigh Greenway.

In 2009 & 2012, Hedingham was named Community of Distinction in the category of Very Large Mixed Use Communities by the North Carolina Chapter of the Community Associations Institute at their Annual Conference held in Raleigh.

This site has been designed to provide Hedingham residents – and prospective residents — with a reliable source for community information.

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Management Staff

Ebony Heart-Curtis
919-231-9050 X 25
Community Manager

Stephanea White
919-231-9050 X 24
Assistant Community Manager

Jovon King
919-231-9050 X 23
Operations Manager

Blake Kelly
919-231-9050 X 22
Administrative Assistant

Management Company, CAS


Emergency Contacts
Emergency calls are directly handled by CAS employees, not an answering service, 24 hours a day, every day, including all holidays.
An after hours emergency necessitating a call from an owner to the management company would typically involve a water pipe leak, sewage back up, or fire and may be reported by calling toll free 1-877-420-9320. A roof leak, for example, while urgent, is not an emergency call and cannot be repaired until after the end of the rain.
Some situations, which are NOT considered emergencies, are:
  1. Noisy neighbors
  2. ARC request
  3. Questions about account balances
  4. Illegally parked cars
  5. Rules violations
While not emergencies, these type of situations are important but are better handled by the association manager during normal office hours rather than the after hours on-call technician.
Emergency Number: 1-877-420-9320